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National Rail Conference takes place in...


Who should attend

Executives, Strategic heads and Operators

  • Understand the changing rail landscape, consider major government scrutiny, and share solutions with your peers
  • Help formulate the UK’s rail structure for the next decade and beyond
  • Hear from senior government, regulatory and infrastructure figures to find out how you can continue to secure business in an evolving sector

Regulators, Government bodies and Consultants

  • Gain clarity on the challenges, capabilities and expectations of the rail industry
  • Understand how rail can fit into wider UK priorities, such as a decarbonised planet and a healthy economy
  • Join hose from across the full railway family, including key infrastructure managers and rail executives


  • Find out how the supply chain could evolve over the next few years
  • See what solutions senior rail figures are searching for right now
  • Understand the evolution of the rail sector, and see what your customer’s needs could look in the future

Infrastructure Managers

  • Understand government policy and the current capabilities of the rail industry
  • Find out what infrastructure developments will be needed to realise the future objectives for the industry and the UK as a whole
  • See how infrastructure priorities are likely to change in the coming years, and put your company in a position to win business


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