Helen McAllister

Programme Director - Freight Reform
Great British Railways Transition Team
As Programme Director (Freight Reform), Helen is focused on how rail industry reform can lead to economic growth in freight on rail in order to deliver UK strategic outcomes. The development of the Strategic Freight Unit within the Great British Railways brings Freight Strategy, Market Development, Research & Development, Policy, Property and the Reform agenda together into one place. Helen joined Network Rail in 2004 following the completion of a Doctorate at Imperial College, London. In the subsequent 18 years, she has been involved in cross industry strategic and business planning. As Strategy & Planning Director (Network) within the System Operator she worked closely with customers and regions to identify the opportunities to deliver improvements for end users. The network wide remit of the role included leading Network Strategies – (including Freight and Traction Decarbonisation); leading the interface between funders and arms length bodies and the regions on network wide programmes (eg Restore Your Railway) and leading the Strategic Planning profession across the Network.